Creating cookware that makes cooking simple

AvitoHome™ is here to create the finest built-in air fryer in the market, with cutting-edge technology that allows you to cook food in the most creative way possible.


AvitoHome™ is a new air fryer brand representing the spirit of passion and gastronomy.

AvitoHome has pioneered a modern kitchen concept that promotes natural wellness by encouraging a healthy eating lifestyle and presenting delectable food prepared with basic air fryer cooking techniques. Food that is both beautiful and delicious is one of life's true pleasures.

AvitoHome™ is about to change the way you cook forever!

Our Mission

AvitoHome™ isn’t an ordinary air fryer cookware brand. Our creative concept and fundamental values enable us to deliver the best possible cooking experience for our customers.

At every stage, we show reverence for cuisine and in everything that we make. We honour those who are making it, those who are planning it, and, most importantly, those who are fortunate enough to be enjoying it by delivering efficiency, innovative designs, and precision. This is how we keep our commitment to making great food.

Brand Value

Everything we do is driven by our principles.

Quality / Innovative Design / Practicality

We are a long-term cookware business, where our path stems from our dedication to ethical commitments. We value integrity and quality and we hold responsible for the impact we make in every business decision. Every air fryer that we produce and the services we deliver earn our consumers’ trust and loyalty.

Our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence ensures our delivery of exceptional products,services and experiences to the most discerning consumers around the world.

Your air fryer cooking experience matters to us !